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Ariel View of Palomo's Steel

Palomo’s Steel became an official partnership on June 1, 1992. The Founders, Jay Palomo and Saul Palomo had worked together at Steel Exchange for a number of years. Jay and Saul enjoyed success in management, sales and service. While working at Steel Exchange, they saw the need to establish their own company based on their idea of personal and attentive service.

The “Personal and Attentive Service” concept was developed as the foundation for the new JJS Palomo’s Steel, Inc. Since the inception of the Company, Palomo’s Steel has experienced success. In 1996 the Company grew from a single warehouse to a double warehouse with the addition of a corporate office. Palomo’s Steel recently celebrated our 30th Year Anniversary. We expect to keep growing and look forward the next 30 years of providing exceptional products and services. 

JJS Palomo's Steel exterior image